FudouMyouOh Akaranarta

Voice: Matsumoto Yasunori

Title: FudouMyouOh
Shakti: Bat

Akaranarta is the leader of the Juuga Sanninshu. Like the rest of the team, he was defeated in the Deva-Asura war 10,000 years ago, and was imprisoned away from Tenkuukai. Indrah broke the seal on them in order to fight Shulato. He has a scar on his chest, which he got when he was defeated by the former RyuOh. He still bears a grudge against the current RyuOh because of it. He is very proud and arrogant, and believes he is invincible.

Akaranarta has no techniques of his own, but he has the ability to steal his opponents' techniques and use them against them. His original shakti is a bat, but he gains a new one (spoiler) as well as a new technique.
He also has very powerful psychokinetic abilities. He can make entire mountains levitate and even disappear.

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