Voice: Suzuoki Hirotaka

Age: Over 10,000
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 205 lbs.

Technically, Indrah is one of the Juuniratei, but since we don't know that for half the series, I listed him here. Indrah is Vishnu's general, the leader of the Deva god army. He is the one who betrays Vishnu and turns her to stone. Like Gai, he used to be a kind-hearted person. In one flashback, Hyuga remembers how Indrah took the full force of an attack he could easily have avoided, rather than let a single little butterfly get killed by it. However, he was possessed by black Sohma while tying to stop a flood, and after that he became cold-hearted and cruel.

Indrah is very powerful. His main technique is Raitei Jikuuretsu (Raitei Anger Vaccuum), but he has many more. Apparently, he was supposed to have a two-headed-hydra Shakti, but it didn't make it into the anime.

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