GosanzeMyouOh Trylo

Voice: Doi Mika

Title: GosanzeMyouOh
Shakti: Wyvern

Trylo is a member of the Juuga Sanninshu. She has a Kodachi-style laugh:). She is arrogant and vain, and as much of a sadist as Kundalini. She likes to make her prey beg for their lives before she kills them.

Trylo's main weapon is electrically charged spikes that she creates from her hair. She can also instantly grow giant flowers, which release dust that can put her enemies to sleep or cause hallucinations. She can also create a fog that slows her opponents down so she can defeat them more easily. She can also apparently send people between Tenkuukai and Earth, as one of her flowers somehow sends Shulato back to Tokyo.

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