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Most of the mail I get regarding this site asks the same few questions. So, I figured I'd save myself and everyone else a few button clicks and post the answers here. If you have a question about Shulato, chances are the answer is here. If it's not, feel free to ask me.

Just how much Shulato is there?
38 TV episodes and 6 OAVs. Between the TV and OAV series, 6 "Tenkuukai Memorials" videos were released, which. from what I've been able to find out, were basically recaps of the TV series in OAV format. There were also at least 2 drama CDs and enough doujinshi to fill a warehouse.

Is it spelled "Shulato" or "Shurato"?
Both. Technically, either one is correct. Japanese doesn't differentiate between the R and L sound (the actual sound is sort of in between both), so the japanese character in the name can be transliterated either "ra" or "la". Most of the japanese sources I've seen spell it with an L. Most of the non-japanese sources I've seen spell it with a R.

I want to watch Shulato! Where can I get a copy?
There's a Hong Kong-made DVD box set! It has japanese dialogue with english and chinese subtitles. From what I've watched so far, the english subtitling job is pretty bad, especially where names are concerned (which seems to be a recurring problem with these. They can never get names or technical/scientific terms spelled right. Grrr.) But hey, you can always download better scripts here! I can't comment on the chinese subtitles, as I don't know chinese.
Japanese LDs still pop up occasionally on Ebay and Yahoo auctions.
A few fansub groups have subtitled at least some of the episodes. If anyone knows which ones, let me know and I'll post links.

I'm going to fansub Shulato. Can you provide the raws?
ISorry, but no. My computer is far too ancient to handle ripping DVDs (and the only DVDs I have are the HK set, not the japanese set, and I don't have DVDs of the OAV at all), and being a poor grad student, that situation isn't likely to change soon. However, if you're interested in an old-fashioned snail-mail trade, that may be possible. See my tape trade page for details.

Why did the animation get so crappy near the end? From what I've been able to find out, the studio was having financial problems. Apparently, several Tatsunoko shows produced around the same time had similar problems. Uneven animation quality is a problem throughout the series (For example, watch episodes 13 and 14. The difference in animation quality is striking.) but I guess things just came to a head when they were making the final episodes.

What the hell happened at the end of the OAV?
That depends on how you look at it :). I've tried to explain things here. Feel free to email me with your own comments.

My fansub group needs a translator. Can you translate for us?
Maybe. I'm pretty busy, so if you need something done fast, I'm not the one to ask. However, if you don't mind putting up with a very slow translator, go ahead and ask (especially if the project involves giant robots :) :))

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