A Glossary of terms used in "Shulato"

Asura gods:

The "bad guys".

Deva gods:

The "good guys".


Hachibushu literally means "eight warriors". It is the term used to refer to the eight main warriors of the Deva gods' army.


The giant gate on Shitentou island that leads directly to Tenkuuju.


The word used for Shiva's palace (the caplet-looking thing :)), to which all the Asura gods were banished after the Deva-Asura war 10,000 years ago. The name literally means "Shifting Palace".

Juuga Sanninshu:

The name literally means "Beast Fang Trio". This refers to a group of Asura gods who appear about mid-way through the series.


The name literally means "twelve emperors". It refers to a group of (mostly) Asura gods that appear later in the series. Presumably, there are twelve of them, but we only see six.


A giant flying city-like structure that serves as the Deva army's mobile command center. It looks like a giant stone turtle with a tower growing out of it's back.


The plague that starts to spread after Vishnu is turned to stone. The main symptom appears to be reddish-brown spots on the skin. It is fatal, and there is no cure (and no good translation for the name, either).


The armor used by Deva and Asura warriors. The design is based on the totem animal.


The island on which the four temples- Genbuden, Byakkoden, Seiryuuden and Suzakuden- that hold the key to opening the Heiseimon gate stand. The name literally means "Four Temple Island" (surprise!).


The floating continent on which Brahma's Shakti is hidden. It is usually hidden, and is only accessible at certain times.


Sohma is the life energy that flows through everything. You can think of it as sort of like the Force. Deva gods have "white" Sohma and Asura gods have "black" Sohma (It actually looks gold and blue, respectively, but that's what they call it.) Those who are especially pure have "gold" Sohma (which looks white! Go figure!), and there are some strange entities that have "red" Sohma.


Vishnu's palace, at the top of Tenkuuju.


The giant (and I really do mean GIANT) tree in the middle of Tenkuukai, on top of which sits Tenkuuden.


The world of the Deva and Asura gods. I usually translate it as "Heaven", but that's not quite exact.


The flying-platform form of a Shakti. They look like platforms with a figure of the totem animal on the front and spinning, wheel-like balls of flame at the corners.


Sort of the "inactive" form of a Shakti. It looks like a figurine of the totem animal, which the user carries with him when he's not using the armor or valuda form.

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