Shulato OAV #3

"Gathering of Saints"

synopsis by Arcadia
Renge flies through the subway on her Valuda, looking for the strange Sohma. Reiga's feather sensed it near here, but she doesn't see anything unusual. Suddenly, a train comes down the tracks. Renge dodges, and is surrounded by a flash of light. When it clears, she is no longer is Tokyo, but it some strange, barren land with a giant temple in fron of her. This must be what she was looking for. She flies into the temple, and into a large, round chamber. When she looks up, she see Dan and Kuuya (in statue form) on the ceiling.

Hyuga and Ryouma walk through the woods, trying to get away from the army. A helicopter suddenty appears over the trees and shoots at them. The shots take them off guard, and they're knocked over a nearby cliff. Ryouma gets up first and goes to check on Hyuga. Hyuga tells him to leave him and run. Ryouma, of course, refuses to leave his friend.

The helcopter comes around for another shot. Ryouma prepares to, but Hyuga reminds him that there are humans inside it. The helicopter fires, knocking them into a stream. Seeing the water gives Ryouma an idea. He fires off a barrage of fireballs. However, his target is not the army machines, but the cliff and stream. The fallings rocks from the cliff block the path of the tanks, and the steam from the water blocks the view of the helicopter, allowing them to escape.

Later that night, the two of them are still awake, watching for the enemy. Something moving in the bushes startles them, but it turns out to be just a rabbit. The helicopter flies overhead, searching for them, but apparently doesn't see them. Hyuga remarks that it all seems planned. Someone lured them there so they would disappear like Dan and Hyuga.

Dawn breaks, and more soldiers come looking for them.

Back in Tokyo, it's raining, Mina gazes out her window at the rain. Suddenly, she notices something outside and starts crying.

Shulato stands outside, staring at his old house. Yutaro and Yumiko come outside. Yumiko loses her grip on Chappy's leash and Chappy runs to Shulato. Yutaro notices that Shulato looks depressed. Shulato tries to brush it off. Yumiko figures that he's depressed because Mina dumped him. Yutaro offers to cheer him up by introducing him to some cute girls. Yumiko stops him because she doesn't want him taking Shulato to "some seedy place".

Later, Shulato gets a call from Mina and rushes out to her house. Gai has come back!

Shulato bursts into Mina's room and finds Mina and Gai sitting on her couch. Shulato is shocked, obviously. He doesn't know how it's possible for Gai to be here, be he's happy anyway.

But they're not alone. Scrimil appears in the doorway behind Shulato. He says he's come to take Gai, and transports them (and Mina's couch!) out of Mina's house, to a rocky plateau. Shulato steps between him and Gai. Scrimil brushes him aside like a piece of paper.

Scrimil continues walking toward Gai. Shulato tries to punch him but misses. Scrimil throws him to the other side of the plateau with a wave of his hand. Shulato transforms. Mina is surprised, but Scrimil is not. Somehow, he already knows about Shaktis.

Shulato demands to know who Scrimil is, and why he wants Gai. Scrimil says he is a Harmony God. Well, Harmony God or not, Shulato isn't abot to let some strange take Gai now that he's finally back. He fires a Shura Mahaken (with nifty new animation) at Scrimil, but Scrimil just dodges. He appears behind Shulato and throws him.

When Shulato gets up, the landscape has change to a lake in a forest. Scrimil is sitting in a tree. He laughs and says that he separated Gai from Shulato so he could have him. But now he has no need for Shulato.

Meanwhile, Reiga walks through Tokyo looking for the strange Sohma (in his Tenkuukai clothes, which garner some strange looks from the humans). He's been looking all day and hasn't found anything. He decides to take a rest and sits on a park bench near a playground. Several identical children around playing in the playground. One of them waves at Reiga, and he waves back.

Shulato tries to attack Scrimil (now in an acrtic landscape, complete with aurora), but to no avail. SInce the Mahaken didn't work, Shulato tries a new technique, Shura Kouhaken, but Scrimil just dodges that, too. Scrimil appears in front of Shulato and fires a blast of red Sohma right at him, knocking him to the ground.

Scrimil walks toward Gai, but stops when he sees Mina glaring back at him. Mina embraces Gai and says she won't let him be taken. This somehow convinces Scrimil to leave, and they find themselves back in Mina's house.

At the playground, the strange children gather around Reiga. There are at least a dozen of them, more than he'd seen before. The children grab hold of him and asks him to play with them. They pull him under, until he's literally buried by them.

Renge tries to get out of the temple, but just ends up back at the same chamber. This time, there's someone else there. Whoever it is looks just like her in her Shakti! Renge demands to know who she is, and what she did to Dan and Kuuya. The other woman replies that she is Renge, just like her. Renge transforms and prepares to fight.

Note: This is the only time Renge's transform sequence is ever shown. Enjoy!

Mina, Shulato and Gai are in Gai's bedroom. Mina tries to get Gai to eat, but he barely responds. She promises that she'll always be with him and won't let anyone take him away. Shulato wonders if bringing the Hachibushu to Earth was just a trap by Scrimil so he could take Gai. But what does he want Gai for? What is he planning?

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