Shulato OAV #6

"Eternal Recurrance"

synopsis by Arcadia

Scrimil explains that creating a new universe isn't too difficult. All that's needed is for a Harmony God and a Creator God to unite their wills. The only problem is finding a Creator God, but he'll soon have one, thanks to the altar he built. A Creator God is born from two Creator Seeds, but the wills of the Hachibushu are required for them to merge. Scrimil figured the Hachibushu wouldn't want a new Creator God, so he forced them by sealing them in the altar. Bringing forth a Creator God was the Hachibushu's duty from the beginning. Although Shulato can barely believe it, it was only because the other Hachibushu willed it that he and Gai were able to merge.

Even if what Scrimil says is true, Shulato still has no intention of helping him. But that doesn't matter. He and Gai are not the only ones who have a Creator Seed. There's another one- Mina!

Angry that Scrimil would involve Mina in his plans, Shulato transforms and attacks. Scrimil dodges easily. He starts to fire another blast of red Sohma, but this time, Shulato is expecting it and jumps out of the way. He fires a Shura Kouhaken at Scrimil. The force of the blast knocks holes in the walls of the chamber, but Scrimil himself is untouched.

Or perhaps not. A tiny cut appears on Scrimil's cheek. Anger, it seems, has raised Shulato's Sohma. Seeing that his opponent sn't invincible after all, Shulato fires a Shura Mahaken. Scrimil teleports out of the way, but Shulato redirects the blast. Just as the strike is about to hit Scrimil, Mina jumps in front of him. Shulato barely manages to redirect it before hitting Mina.

Shulato accuses Scrimil of using Mina as a shield, but Scrimil claims that Mina wanted this. She wanted to become one with Gai and create a new universe. It was her who resurrected Gai and gave him a new body. Shulato then accuses him of taking advantage of Mina's love for Gai, but Scrimil just laughs. Shulato demands to know just who Scrimil is. What right does he have to destroy the universe? Who does he think he is?

The question seems to throw Scrimil for a loop. His demeanor suddenly changes, and he staggers around, confused and unable to answer. Why WAS he doing this? Doesn't he know? He stares at Mina, as if waiting for her to answer, but she remains silent.

Scrimil steps into Mina's shadow and starts sinking into the floor, finally disappearing entirely. Mina has absorbed him. An aura of red light surrounds her. The altar starts to shine and Gai appears above them in a sphere of red light.

"Scrimil is me and I am Scrimil" says Mina. She will not let anyone take Gai from her. She will create a new universe where they can be together. She activates the altar and calls for Gai to come to her. Gai resists. The power of the altar turns in on itself, and the temple explodes.

MIna floats in the air, wondering why the altar was destroyed. Gai flies up to her in his Shakti. It was him who destroyed the altar. The other Hachibushu follow, and join together to attack Mina. Shulato jumps to protect her. When the blast clears, the three of them are gone.

Back in Tenkuukai, a storm is raging around Tenkuuden. Lakshu stands on the balcony with Mii and Minchi, watching. Unfortunately, there's nothing more she can do.

Shulato teleported himself, Gai and Mina into another dimension to protect Mina from the Hachibushu's attack. Mina and Gai hover over a large lake. Shulato lies behind Gai. Mina demands to know why he refused to become a Creator God with her. Gai says that he will not sell his soul to a monster trying to destroy the universe, not even his own sister. Mina rfuses to give up. She attacks Shulato, yelling for Gai to get away from him. Gai deflects Mina's attack with his sword.

Gai explains what happened to Shulato. Scrimil was a monster created by Mina's subconscious mind. He was Mina's subconscious desires given form. To accomplish those desires, he gradually took Mina over. Shulato still doesn't understand why Mina would want to destroy the universe. Gai doesn't answer.

Since Mina is his family, Gai says it's up to him to stop her. He attacks her. He slashes at her with his sword, but Mina dodges. She knocks him away with a burst of red Sohma. Gai flies in for another attack, but Mina blocks the sword with a Sohma ball. They struggle against each other, neither gaining the upper hand.

Shulato begs them to stop. Gai's sword starts to break through Mina's sohma ball. Just as its about the hit her, Shulato fires his own Sohma blast that knocks them apart. Water from the lake shoots up and freezes, creating a wall of ice between them.

Mina runs to the wall, yelling for Gai. She bangs against it with her fists, then scratches at it, bloodying her fingers. All she wanted was to have her brother back. She just wanted the old Kuroki Gai back again. The only reason she wanted a new universe was so she wouldn't have to give him up again.

Shocked, Gai drops his sword. He walks to the wall and gazes at Mina.

Shulato realizes what he must do. Shulato summons the power of his own Creator Seed, and a gold ligh surrounds Mina and Gai. The wall shatters. Scrimil's Sohma is drawn out of Mina and destroyed. Gai and Mina disappear in a flash of light.

When they wake up, Gai and Mina are lying on a beach. The sun is just rising. Mina has no idea how they got there. Perhaps Gai doesn't, either. Shulato stands behind them, holding a small gold light in his hands. "Let's go, Gai. Let's go back to Tenkuukai."

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