Shulato #10

"Gai's Fierce Attack! The Unending Fight to the Death"

Synopsis by Arcadia

Ryouma and Gai are still fighting at Seiryuuden. Ryouma is strong, but Gai is faster, and manages to dodge every attack. As he dodges, he slashes at Ryouma's shoulder. His sword barely touches, but it slices through Ryouma's Shakti, drawing blood.

As Ryouma charges one more time, Gai catches his spear, stopping it with one hand. Ryouma is amazed that Gai can be so powerful. He's only been in Tenkuukai a short time and hasn't had time to train. Gai says he doesn't need training. The power to destroy Tenkuukai is within him, and always has been.

Asking Shulato to forgive him for killing his friend, Ryouma fires a RyuOh Kaengeki. Gai jumps out of the way, and Ryouma's spell only succeeds in knocking over one of the giant pillars. Pleased that Ryouma has finally decided to fight, Gai starts the chant for his Shippu Marouken. Ryouma starts a RyuOh Kaengeki at the same time. The two spells fire, but Gai's overwhelms Ryouma's.

The wind from Gai's spell slams Ryouma into the floor. Before he can recover, Gai charges and slashes Ryouma's shoulder. Gai backs Ryouma into a wall and stabs him again. Ryouma grabs the sword and pulls it out of his shoulder, ready to fight again. Gai, however, is only interested in one thing. "Where is Shulato?" Ryouma asks why he'd want to kill someone who'd been his friend, but Gai only repeats the question. Ryouma refuses to answer.

At Byakkoden, Hyuga and Renge fight. Hyuga doesn't want to fight Renge, and hasn't put on his Shakti. He tells her that Marichi would not want them to fight. Renge hesitates, but not for long. She says that since Marichi tried to help them, he was also a traitor, and therefore of no importance. Hyuga tries to convince her otherwise. How could someone who loved her and gave his life fighting her be a traitor? Renge refuses to listen. Indrah's enemies are her enemies. That is all that matters. Renge attacks again. Hyuga can't understand it. Why would she go this far for Indrah?

Gai slashes Ryouma again, repeating his question. Ryouma still refuses to answer. Gai realizes he's not going to get anything out of him, and decides to just kill him and find Shulato himself. However, Ryouma catches his sword at the last moment, just inches from his head. Gai is impressed, but not much.

Ryouma realizes he's most likely going to die, but is still determined to keep Gai busy as long as possible. The longer he keeps Gai away from them, the better chance the others have of opening Heiseimon and making it to Tenkuuju. As the battle continues, he forms a plan. His Kaengeki spell can kill Gai, but only if he does it at close range. He attacks, but Gai is faster, and impales Ryouma on his sword. However, that was what Ryouma had planned on. Now that Gai is close enough, he quickly casts a Kaengeki, engulfing them both in a ball of fire.

Gai staggers to his feet, apparently uneffected. Ryouma is lying against the wall, buried in the debris his spell brought down. He isn't moving. Gai leaves, determined to find Shulato.

Meanwhile, at Genbuden, Lakshu has given up on trying to activate the light, and has returned to watch over Shulato. He still hasn't awakened.

Reiga flies toward Suzakuden. Kuuya, waiting inside, senses him coming.

Renge fires a Nahra Shureika at Hyuga, knocking him against the wall. Hyuga finally decides that Renge will not give up peacefully. He asks Marichi to forgive him and transforms.

Renge fires a Nahra Shureika. At the same time, Hyuga fires a TenOh Goumakou. The crystals from Hyuga's spell absorb the energy blasts from Renge's, then fly at her. She collapses against the opposite wall.

The wall crumbles, revealing the crystal sphere behind it. Hyuga runs to activate it, sending a bolt of Sohma into it. Renge interrupts him, but Hyuga's Sohma seems to have partially activated the sphere. It emits a blast of light, engulfing both of them. They hear a woman's voice, and realize it's Vishnu's. In a vision caused by the sphere, they watch as Indrah turns Vishnu to stone.They both try to intervene, but are blocked.

As the light fades, Indrah's voice echoes in Renge's head, and she just sits, paralyzed from shock.

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