Shulato #22

"Ryouma's Final Attack"

synopsis by Arcadia

Hyuga, Reiga and Ryouma walk through the forest, looking for Shulato and Lakshu. Ryouma collapses, but immediately gets up, insisting he's alright.

The three of them all sense a sudden burst of Sohma. Thinking it means something happened to Shulato, they follow it.

They find Shulato still alive. Unfortunately, Sallas isn't so lucky. She took the full force of Akaranarta's Juuga Rekkoudan in order to save Shulato. Shulato asks her why she did it, and she says because she felt his Sohma would change Tenkuukai's future. She tells them that Mayuri has taken care of Tenkuuden's guard and asks them to ask Vishnu to forgive her for not completing her mission. That's all she has time to say before she dies in Shulato's arms.

Akaranarta is growing impatient. Why are they wasting their time saying goodbye when they'll be seeing each other again soon? This sends Shulato into a rage, and he charges at Akaranarta while chanting the spell for a Shura Mahaken. To Akaranarta's surprise, it breaks through his shield, but doesn't cause much damage.

Ryouma's Shakti begins to glow again. Memories of the Deva-Asura war flood into his head. He sees the former RyuOh charging at Akaranarta with his spear, then remember how he was clutching his chest earlier. He begins to see the connection...

Akaranarta casts a Juuga Rekkoudan. Ryouma manages to get everyone out of the way.

Shulato slams his fist into the ground in frustration. They still can't touch Akaranarta! How can he avenge Sallas is they can't even get close?

In Tenkuuden, Mayuri's fog is still spreading. One guard thinks he sees Mayuri and throws a knife in that direction. It hits Mayuri in the shoulder, but the guard never finds out- he succumbs to the sound of Mayuri's bell like all the others.

Mayuri makes his way to the last gate into Tenkuuden's courtyard. As he goes through, he finds that Sallas' prediction was more right than he thought- literally dozens (if not hundred) of warriors are waiting for him on the other side.

Indrah and Gai find out that Mayuri has been captured. Gai is worrid that Akaranarta might not be able to defeat Shulato. Indrah isn't worried. Vishnu was the only one who knew Akaranarta's weak point. If they don't know his weak point, there's no way they can defeat him.

Akaranarta fires a blast that sends everyone flying into the cliff. Rubble from the cliff falls on Akaranarta and actually hits him, rather than being deflected by his shield. Ryouma sees this and remembers something he saw 10,000 years ago. After Akaranarta attacked, his shield went down, and it took a few seconds for him to get it back up.

Ryouma sees his chance. He tells the others to stay back and yells a challenge to Akaranarta. The others try to stop him, but with no luck. Saving his friends and restoring peace to Tenkuukai is worth any price, and Ryouma is not afraid to pay it.

Ryouma charges at Akaranarta. Reiga sends him what Sohma he has left. Since he's too wounded to move, that's all he can do to help him. Maybe, it might even save him. Hyuga and Shulato agree and do the same.

Ryouma uses the collected Sohma to create a huge fireball. Akaranarta tries to cast a Juuga Rekkoudan, but Ryouma's fireball just blasts right through. Ryouma impales Akaranarta right at his weak point- the scar the former RyuOh gave him 10,000 years ago- and casts a huge RyuOh Kaengeki, engulfing them both.

When the light clears, Akaranarta is gone. Ryouma won! The other run to congradulate him. As they get there, Ryouma's armor crumbles and he collapses into Hyuga's arms. Ryouma tells them that is he is reincarnated, he would want to live with them again, then his body disintegrates, leaving only his Veda behind.

Shulato refuses to believe it, and Hyuga is too shocked to speak. Reiga, with his back to them, tells Shulato to stop crying. Ryouma is gone and won't come back no matter how loud he yells. Shulato loses his temper, demanding to know how Reiga could be so cold, but Hyuga holds him back. What they don't see are the tears running down Reiga's cheek.

Indrah is disappointed that Akaranarta lost, but he isn't too worried. He still has one more trick up his sleeve. Three figures- Renge, Dan and Kuuya- wait in the shadows behind him.

Lakshu bursts into tears and grabs onto Shulato. Hyuga finally puts down Ryouma's Veda and starts walking in the direction of Tenkuuden. Reiga joins him. Shulato realizes they can't stay there forever. They have to get to Tenkuuden so no one else will have to die. He and Lakshu run to catch up.

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