Shulato #28

"Reiga's Desperate Counterattack!"

synopsis by Arcadia

Haira attacks, and the battle is on. Reiga says to leave Haira to him, and to get Shulato out of there. Shulato doesn't want to go. They got this far be fighting together. He can't just leave Reiga to fight alone, especially against an enemy who is as powerful as Indrah. But since Reiga is the only one who can still use his shakti, he's the only one who has a chance. Shulato still wants to stay, but Hyuga and Ryouma reluctantly agree and drag Shulato away.

Haira throws his boomerang and the fleeing group, but Reiga intercepts it. Reiga jumps to attack, but Haira grabs his foot and throws him to the ground.

Shulato struggles free and tells Hyuga and Ryouma to go ahead. He wants to go help Reiga. Lakshu stops him from going. They tell him (again) that since he's Brahma's successor, they have to keep anything from happening to him. Reiga knows this just as well as they do. Shulato, however, doesn't want to hear it. If being Brahma's successor means abandoning his friends, he doesn't want any part of it. Shulato losed his temper as punches a hole in the cliff out of frustration.

Reiga and Haira trade insults. Reiga starts to cast a spell, but he's hit by a barrage of stone missiles created by Haira. Haira thinks he's finished, and moves in for the kill. But Reiga drags himself to his feet and manages to fly off on his valuda just in time.

Haira creates more stone missles and sends them after Reiga. Reiga dodges them ones coming at him from behind, but there's more coming from in front. Realizing he can't get away this way, he turns around and speeds toward Haira in a fireball of sohma. Haira is too surprised to get out of the way.

Shulato hears the explosion and wonders if Reiga is okay. He wants to go back and help, but realizes he can't.

When Reiga comes too, Haira is nowhere to be found. He thinks he's won. Suddenly, the ground under him crumbles away and a giant hand reaches out to grab him. Reiga jumps away. Haira emerges from the ground. Reiga is shocked- Haira is now several times bigger than before. He made himself grow by gathering black sohma. Haira strikes the ground, sending Reiga flying.

Renge, Dan and Kuuya chase Asura soldiers through the woods, but are soon surrounded. No matter how many they destroy, they just keep coming! They realize they have to take them out all at once. All three of them cast their spells at once, and the combined power wipes out all the Asura soldiers in the vicinity.

Vishnu and her priest continue chanting to maintain the sohma bubble protecting Tenkuuden from Shiva. One of her priests falters, but Vishnu tells him they have to keep going.

Dan looks around and doesn't see any more Asura soldiers, but Renge sees a figure hiding in the shadows. Dan attacks, but the figure is too fast. It is none other than Akaranarta!

Reiga flees into a small crack in the cliff. Haira is too big to fit into it, and Reiga thinks he's safe. However, Haira's claws do fit, and he continues to chase Reiga to the back of the crack. Haira thinks he has Reiga cornered, but as he attacks again, Reiga dodges and jumps out of the crack. As he lands, he sees some of his feathers fluttering to the ground, and he has an idea. Maybe being small isn't such a bad thing.

As Haira attacks again, Reiga throws a feather, which sticks in Haira's neck. Haira barely notices. Haira's attack knocks Reiga into the cliff. Reiga tries to dodge again, but is hit by one of Haira's claws. He throws another feather, which sticks in Haira's knee.

Haira is getting bored, and demands that Reiga use his shakti, so that the fight will get more interesting. Reiga refuses, saying he only needs his feathers to beat him. Haira is unimpressed with something so small.

Renge, Dan and Kuuya try to attack Akaranarta, but none are successful.

Haira corners Reiga at the edge of a cliff. He grabs Reiga in his huge hand and tries to squeeze him to death. Reiga manages to throw a third feather into Haira's arm and starts chanting. The feathers begin to glow, and Haira stops moving. The magic in the feathers have paralyzed him. Because they were so small, Haira hadn't taken them seriously, but that was his downfall.

Reiga puts on his shakti and casts a Karula Kayokujin. Haira sends more stone missles at him, but they all burn up before reaching Reiga. Reiga's firebird flies into Haira's mouth, burning him up from the inside.

Shulato and the others see the explosion and wonder in Reiga has won. Shulato calls out to him.

Haira shrinks back to normal size and disappears. Reiga collapses and his shakti reverts to its veda form. Now he can't use his shakti, either.

As Renge, Dan and Kuuya watch in amazement, Akaranarta fuses his shakti with Trylo's and Kundalini's. How can they beat something like that?

Shulato stops and looks back. He's worried about Reiga. Hyuga and Ryouma assure him that Reiga will catch up soon, and they have to hurry. Shulato reluctantly agrees, but he's still worried.

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