Shulato #31

"Burn! Sohma of Friendship"

synopsis by Arcadia
Hyuga and Ryouma fight Antera and Santera. The twins through their boomerangs, missing Ryouma, but knocking Hyuga down. Antera catches his boomerang with his feet and balances on it before throwing it again.

Shulato continues to climb, while Lakshu gets carried up by Mii. When they finally reach the top of the cliff, both Shulato and Mii are exhausted. Shulato looks back, worried about his friends. Lakshu assures him that they're okay, and Shulato appears to agree, but isn't so sure.

Shulato and Lakshu ride Shulato's valuda towards the center of Shumisen. Lakshu wonders what the important mission Vishnu said she had was. Shulato can't think of what it might be, but thinks they'll probably find out once they get to the Brahma Shakti. Suddenly, a sword whizzes past them. Shulato grabs Lakshu and jumps out of the way.

It's Gai! Gai retrieves his sword and attacks. He's amused to find Shulato alone. He accuses Shulato of abandoning his friends to fight, just like him. They eventually chose the same path, after all. Shulato loses his temper and fights back, but is stops when a bright light appears in the sky.

Santera catches her boomeang and throw it again. Antera catches it with his feet (nifty!) and throws it at Hyuga and Ryouma. Both of them are knocked to the ground. Hyuga, who wasn't wearing his Shakti, is bleeding from his side. Ryouma tries to go help him, but Santera grabs him from behind and tries to strangle him. Antera is just about to turn on Hyuga when he is stopped by a rain of feathers. Reiga is back! However, he's still wounded from his fight with Haira.

The twins aren't impressed. It's been 10,000 years since anyone's been able to even touch them. How can Reiga even hope to have a chance when he's still wounded? Reiga just says he'll be glad to be the first.

The twins throw their weapons on top on two stone pillar and balance on top of them (How? Wouldn't they cut their feet?). Reiga calls his Shakti. The twins start chanting and collecting a ball of Sohma between them. Using the collected Sohma, they cast their spell, Miyou Juuryokudan. A huge ball, appearing to have Tenkuuden inside it, grows in the sky and falls to the ground, crushing Ryouma and Reiga. Hyuga tries to help, but he can't move.

Shulato and Gai see a vision of themselves 10,000 years ago. They see the former ShuraOh and YashaOh attack Shiva together, then the vision disappears, replaced by a shining mist. A shadowy figure appears in the mist. the figure identifies himself as the Creation God Brahma, and welcomes his successors to Shumisen. Gai realizes that this is the last remaining part of Brahma's consciousness. Shulato thinks he means it's a ghost.

Brahma shows them a vision of the Deva-Asura war. They see the former ShuraOh and YashaOh, along with Brahma himself, fighting Shiva and the Asura gods. Brahma explains that they were both killed by Shiva 10,000 years ago. However, at the instant they were killed, Brahma and Vishnu sealed Shiva and the Asura gods inside the Idoukyuu. Brahma used the last of his power to save them and send them to the human world so they could become his successors. Everything was decided 10,000 years ago.

Shulato refuses to believe it. As the figure disappears, Shulato demands to know why Gai was reborn as his friend if he was going to side with Shiva. He doesn't get an answer.

Antera and Santera decide that Tenkuuden isn't heavy enough, and create a new ball with the weight of the continent of Shumisen. Ryouma and Reiga try to put up barriers to keep from getting crushed, but without much success. The twins explode the ball, thinking Ryouma and Reiga are dead, but they're not. However, they're too wounded to fight anymore. The twins decide to create a new ball as heavy as Tenkuukai itself. There's no way they'll excape that.

Hyuga yells for them to run away, but they can't. He watches the twins chanting, and see the Sohma being collecting between them. If he can destroy that Sohma, they won't be able to cast their spell. Hyuga throws himself into the Sohma ball, disrupting it.

Ryouma and Reiga see their chance. Reiga casts a Karula Hanefubuki and Ryouma casts a RyuOh Kaengeki. The spells combine and overwhelm the twins. They beat them at their own game- they can combine Sohma, too! So much for their 10,000-year record.

Hyuga is hurt, but still alive. He says he couldn't stand watching his friends fight and not being able to do anything. Maybe that's the same way Shulato felt.

Gai laughs. Shulato loses his temper and demands to know why Gai would fight for Shiva even though she killed him. Gai doesn't care about that. Kubilah jumps on the scene and asks Gai to let him handle Shulato. Gai agrees and continues on. Shulato tries to follow, but Kubilah causes an earthquake, making a pool of lava appear between them. Shulato will have to get through Kubilah if he wants to get to Gai.

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