Shulato CDs

Tenseigensou (OST)
Date: 1989
Serial number: 276A 7009

This is the first OST for the TV series. It has the first season OP and ED (long versions), and background music.

Date: 1989
Serial number: 276A 7013

The second OST. It has the short version of the first season OP and ED, "Iwanai Goodbye Dear" (the song from episode 16), and "Om Shura Sowaka" (the transform-sequence song). It has some BGMs that weren't on the first CD, and four side-story-type drama bits.

Celestial Warriors Battle For Genesis
Date: 1991
Serial number: KICA 70

The OAV's soundtrack. This is actually a 2-CD set. The first disc has the long versions of "Keep Your Pure Love" and "Garasu no Shonen" and the OAV's BGMs. The second disk is a mini-CD containing drama bits along the lines of a tour guide for Tenkuukai residents.

Mandala Flower: To those in a Faraway Country
Date: 1990
Serial number: KICA 1

All the image songs you could want. This CD has the long version of the second season OP and ED, and eight image songs. If you're not familiar with the concept of image songs, it refers to a songs that doesn't appear in the actual show, but is meant to convey the mood or personality of a character/situation. You've probably seen soundtracks that say "From and Inspired By XYZ". Image songs are the "inspired by" part.

Soul Lovers Only!
Date: 1989
Serial number: 292A 7018

This is a drama CD. There are six drama bits, involving a vaudeville-type act put on by the Hachibushu. It has "Set the Fire", "Aozara ~Artist~" and "Yasashisa no Mukougawa" by Shimizu Satoko (which may or may not have anything to do with Shulato, but they're on the CD anyway).
But the highlight of this CD is a version of Shining Soul sung by REIGA.

Shanghai Serenade
Date: 1990
Serial number: KICA 20

Another drama CD. The drama bits in this are an alternate-universe-type story with the characters working in a nightclub in Shanghai. The songs are "Rajah", "Still Waiting" and "Yasashisa no Shirabe" by Shimizu Satoko, plus an instrumental piece called "Left Alone".

Hachibushu The World
Date: 1990
Serial number: KICA 35

Another drama CD. This one comes in its own cardboard box. There are three stories on this CD: Tenkuu Senku Lakshu (Lakshu gets to use the Lynx Shakti that didn't make it into the anime!), Renge 1/3 (Renge gets turned into Yumiko and Mii. They're all done by the same actress :) ), and YashaOh Story (Gai, Akaranarta and Marichi hang out in the underworld). Lots of songs, too:

"Truth", sung by Yamadera Kyoichi (Ryouma)
"Sabaku no Meizu" by by Mizutani Yuko and Matsumoto Yasunori (Lakshu and Marichi/Akaranarta)
"Rajah", sung by Horiuchi Kenyu (Hyuga)
"Aozora ~Artist~", sung by Mizutani Yuko (Lakshu)
"Still Waiting", sung by Hayashibara Megumi (Renge)
"Caravan", sung by Hayashibara Megumi (Renge)

Set the Fire CD single
Date: 1989
Serial number: 091X 10014

A CD single of Set the Fire, sung by Shimizu Satoko. The b-side is an english version of the song sung by LORA. The liner notes have a short bio of Ms. Shimizu.

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