Shulato merchandise!

Can't get enough Shulato? Is the show alone not enough to satisy your obsession? Join the club!

Several people have asked me what kind of Shulato-related stuff is out there, so I thought I'd put up a page about. And, no, this is not just a lame exuse to show off my collection! :P

Pencil Boards

Otherwise known as shitajiki, underlays, and a few other names that I can't remember. Basically, these are sheets of (usually) plastic, about the size of a comic book, with pictures on both sides. People use these as a writing surface.

Idol cards

Otherwise known as lami cards. These are laminated cards, about the size of a playing card.


Theme songs, BGM, image songs, and seriously weird drama bits. See which CD has what.


See where Arcadia gets her information.

School Supplies

Be the coolest kid in school with these!


Action figures!

More to come later!

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