Shulato OAV #1

"Nightmare Beginning"

synopsis by Arcadia

Tokyo. A bustling shopping district. In the middle of the crowd sits a lone figure, wrapped only in a tattered cloak, apparently oblivious to the noise. As we get a better look at him, we see it's Gai.

Shulato eats his breakfast (and lunch and dinner, too, probably). Suddenly, he realizes he's running late, and gets dressed and dashes out the door.

His neighbors, Yumiko and Yutaro (Yes, Shulato's sister and grandfather, but they talk to him like he's a stranger), are outside cleaning their yard. Yumiko's dog, Chappy, pounces on Shulato. Yutaro invites Shulato to come over and watch a new wrestling video he's gotten. He is overjoyed to have a boy who likes martial arts as much as him live nearby. Unfortunately, Shulato can't. He doesn't really want to say why, but Yumiko reveals that he has a date! Yutaro is disappointed. He says he wishes he had a grandson like Shulato.

Shulato's date walks up the street. It's Kuroki Mina. Yutaro thinks they make a good couple. Yumiko wonders why Shulato lives by himself even though he's just a high school student. Yutaro says that his parents run a shop in Shizuoka. Yumiko wonders if Mina's father will let her go all the way to Shizuoka, since she's an only child. Yutaro is surprised by what Yumiko said, because he's sure that Mina had a younger brother, but Yumiko insists she doesn't.

Mina asked Shulato to go shopping with her to help her pick out a present for a friend. She suggests they go to Shinjuku. Shulato almost refuses to go. He REALLY doesn't want to go to Shinjuku...

Shulato and Mina finish their shopping and decide to have some fun in Shinjuku. While walking across the street, they come across a road crew fixing the street. One of the workers calls out to Shulato. It's Dan! Shulato screams and runs away.

When he stops to catch his breath, they're almost run over by a delivery person. Reiga!

A fortune teller offers to tell their fortune. Kuuya!

Shulato and Mina flee into a coffeeshop. But they're not safe there either- the waitress is Renge! And she doesn't like her job one bit.

After the coffeeshop, they walk by a kids' show. Two of the actors, still in costume, are outside signing autographs. The actors chase down Shulato. Shulato doesn't recognize them. They take off their masks. It's Hyuga and Ryouma. (No wonder he didn't want to go to Shinjuku!)

Hyuga scolds Shulato for playing around when they're supposed to be on a mission. Shulato says he's a fine one to talk, given his outfit. Besides, they have vacations in the human world, and he's on one, so he's going to play.

Shulato and Mina go to an amusement park. After going on some rides, Shulato goes to get ice cream. When he gets back, Mina isn't there. She's wandered into the old, delapidated House of Mirrors.

Shulato sits on a bench, waiting for Mina. He used to come to this park with Gai and Mina often when he was a child. But now all memory of them has been erased. It's like he and Gai never existed here. Even their families don't remember them.

Shulato is startled by a sound behind him, but it's just one of the clowns taking a break. Mina returns, acting somewhat strange. She says she wants to see the ocean. Shulato agrees.

They drive to the seaside. Mina drives, since Shulato doesn't have a license :). Shulato remember coming here with Gai, too. He tells Gai not to worry about his sister.

Mina stands by the fence, staring at the ocean. Suddenly, she wonders aloud where Gai could be right now. Shulato doesn't know what to say. She's not supposed to remember that Gai even existed!

Later, Shulato sits in his house, thinking about what happened. Why does Mina remember Gai? No one is supposed to remember them! Besides, Gai doesn't exist anywhere any more.

At Mina's house, Mina sits under a large painting (of an angel delivering a message). A strange figure appears. He tells her to call him Scrimil. Mina stares into space and doesn't seem to notice. The strange figure continues, and starts to tell her about Gai.

Ryouma enters Reiga's sushi shop. Renge is already there, eating sushi. Ryouma orders some, too. Renge asks if he's found out anything about the strange Sohma they were sent to investigate. Ryouma hasn't found anything, and neither has Renge. They're not even sure where to look.

Dan bursts into the store with Hyuga. Reiga yells at him for slamming the door (he's taking his human-world job rather seriously!). They're looking for Kuuya. They were supposed to meet at sundown, but he didn't show up. This gets everyone worried. It's not like Kuuya to be late.

Mina kneels on the floor, alone, crying for Gai.

Shulato is asleep in his room, in the middle of a nightmare. He sees Gai in his Shakti, walking away from him. He calls out to him. Gai turns and looks at him, but a red light appears in the distance and swallows him up.

Shulato awakes with a start. Gai is gone. His sohma has disappeared.

Gai still sits in the busy shopping district. Four identical children (boys or girls? I can't tell) dance in front of him. As the children's laughter echoes through the street, time stops. Scrimil dances through the crowd toward Gai.

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