Shulato OAV #2

"Water of Amnesia"

synopsis by Arcadia

Itís 4 AM, and Dan and Renge are out looking for Kuuya. While waiting for a traffic light to change (the human world is so inconvenient!), Dan sees a child crossing the street, right in the path of an oncoming truck. He runs out to save the child, but freezes in front of the truck. Renge watches in horror, thinking theyíve both been run over. But after the truck passes, there is no sign of either Dan or the child. Renge goes to where they disappeared, but thereís no trace.

Back in Tenkuukai, Lakshu stands on her balcony, remembering when she sent the Hachibuchu to Earth. She detected a strange Sohma in the human world. Itís not black Sohma, but she canít tell what it is. It started small, but started to grow. Since she canít find out what it is, she must send the Hachibushu to investigate. Shulato is excited about going home, but Lakshu tells him that all memory of him and Gai has been erased. No one knows they ever existed. Itís for Shulatoís sake- if they remember him, it will be too hard to return to Tenkuukai, and Tenkuukai needs him. Shulato is disappointed, but still excited. He canít wait to eat at all his favorite restaurants again. Lakshu is afraid heís also going to see his old girlfriends, too, and scolds him.

Hyuga and Ryouma walk along the street, when one of Reigaís feathers floats by. They head for Reigaís store. Hyuga happens to glance into an alley, and sees what he thinks is Gai walking past. He runs to catch him, but Gai has vanished.

Scrimil comes to see Mina. He tells her the rest of what happened to Gai. Mina is shocked.

Shulato walks by a playground. He sees children playing on the swings and remembers how he and Gai used to do the same.

The rest of the Hachibushu meet in Reigaís store. Now Kuuya and Dan have both disappeared. And a third- Gai is gone. According to Reiga, Shulato phoned him and said Gaiís sohma had vanished. Hyuga tells them he saw Gai in the alley. The only explanation is that the strange Sohma is somehow responsible. Reiga creates feathers and sends them to find the location of the strange Sohma.

Shulato visits his old school. He stops by a cherry tree in the yard. This tree is where he and Gai first met and became friends, many years ago. On his first day at the school, Shulato saw Gai watching the falling flower petals and went to see what he was doing. After Gai introduced himself, Shulato decided that he had a cool name and immediately decided they were going to be friends.

Mina suddenly appears behind Shulato. She knows about what happened to Gai, and about Tenkuukai. She demands to know why Gai had to die when he never did anything to hurt anyone. If it was destiny, then she hates destiny, and the Tenkuukai that caused it. But how could she know this? After yelling for Shulato to give her Gai back, she leaves as suddenly as she came.

Reiga feathers float over the landscape looking or the Sohma, but suddenlt they are all destroyed. The strange Sohma destroyed the feathers, but not before Reiga pinned down its location. After deciding to leave Shulato alone fore now, they go after it.

Hyuga and Ryouma fly over a forest on their Valudas. According to Reiga, the strange Sohma was somewhere in this area. Hyuga can sense it, but itís not like their Sohma or the Asura godsí black Sohma.

An explosion nearly knocks them to the ground. Theyíre under attack! But itís not the strange Sohma thatís attacking- itís the army! Helicopters and tanks appear and fire at them. Hyuga and Ryouma donít know who they are, though. They transform into their Shaktis and attack with their spells. Ryouma fires a RyuOh Kaengeki at the helicopters and Hyuga fires a TenOh Goumakou at the tanks. The machines are destroyed easily.

But then they see people climbing out from the wreckage. There were humans in there! Hyuga and Ryouma are horrified. Now theyíre stuck- if they attack the machines, theyíll kill the innocent humans inside.

Shulato is still by the tree, too shocked to move.

Scrimil stands over the bustling street, waving his hands and commanding his puppets below to dance.

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