Shulato OAV #4

"Demon Ascension"

synopsis by Arcadia
Hyuga and Ryouma are still trying to escape from the army. The soldiers catch up to them and fire on them. Hyuga's leg is hit. Ryouma carries him away from the soldiers.

Shulato and Mina wait by Gai's bed. Gai is still asleep. Shulato thinks back to a time when they were training. Gai is practicing his punches, while Shulato lies around complaining about the heat. Gai says that his mind and body are out of balance, and if they were inbalance, he wouldn't mind the heat. To prove his point, he tries to punch him. Shulato catches Gai's fist with his feet. Gai knocks one of Shulato's arms out from under him, causing him to fall and hit his head on the doorstep.

Mina goes to put away the dishes, when Gai wakes up and starts trying to talk. MIna drops the dishes and runs to Gai's side.

Behind them, a music box with a clown doll inside starts playing and moving on its own. A low, eery hum echoes through the room. Shulato breaks the music box and the doll falls on the floor. The stops, but something red falls from the ceiling. They look up and Mina screams. The ceiling has turned to blood! Shulato tries to kick the doll, but it moves out of the way.

The doll floats in the air and talks with Scrimil's voice. Realizing who it is, Mina runs to protect Gai. But this time, he hasn't come for Gai. He just came to show Shulato something. The floor under them turns red, and they see Hyuga and Ryouma pursued by the army. If someone doesn't help them soon, they're done for. The light disappears, and the doll falls to the floor. Shulato knocks it away.

Renge attacks the fake Renge. She uses her whip to knock the fake into a wall. However, the fake soon gets up, and know she knows how to use the whip, too. They both attack with their whips, and the weapons bounce off each other. Renge casts a Nahra Shureika at the fake, but that didn't do any good, either. Now the fake has learned the Nahra Shureika, and casts it against Renge. She's watching everything the real Renge does, and learning all her techniques! The only thing to do is destroy her before she learns any more. Renge prepares to cast a Nahra Musouka. The fake copies her and casts the spell at the same time.

Reiga breaks away from the horde of children. He's going to have to use an extra-special technique to get away from them. He starts chanting and... runs away! Enemy or not, they're still children and Reiga can't bring himself to fight them. Suddenly, Reiga notices something odd ahead, but can't stop in time. He runs right into a forcefield. The children materialize again behind him.

Hyuga and Ryouma hide in a cave. Ryouma heals the wound on Hyuga's leg. After he's done, Ryouma suggests that they return to the city and find the others. Hyuga doesn't think they'll be there. Two of the Hachibushu have vanished, and Gai is gone. The attack on them felt like an ambush. Chances are, the others are under attack, too.

One of the soldiers was hiding behind a rock in the cave, and suddenly jumps out and attacks Ryouma. Hyuga jumps between them and is stabbed.

Shulato wrestles with whether to go help Hyuga and Ryouma, or stay with Gai. It's obviously a trap to draw him away from Gai, but Hyuga and Ryouma still need his help. Mina tells him to go. She'll stay with Gai. She won't let anyone take him. Gai wakes up and tells Shulato to go, too. This convinces him, and he flies off on his Valuda.

Scrimil appears behind Mina, happy that the interloper has gone. He hasn't planned on Gai regaining consciousness, but things are still going well. He turns to Mina and kisses her. Mina doesn't seem to even acknowledge his presence.

Enraged, Ryouma attacks the soldiers, then checks on Hyuga. He throws the soldiers knife at them, knocking off its helmet. Both the soldiers are just corpses! There weren't any living humans inside the machines. Their enemy used the corpses to attack them, taking advantage of the fact that they wouldn't want to hurt humans. It was all a trap!

The army reaches the cave and fires on it, apparently turning it to rubble. A firey dragon blasts out from the rubble and destroys the helicopters. Ryouma breaks out of the rubble, wearing his Shakti and carryng Hyuga. Now that he knows there are no humans inside, he has no reason to hold back. He casts a RyuOh Bakurengeki, destroying everything in the vicinity.

One of the tanks escaped destruction. Hyuga quickly transforms and casts a TenOh Etsubakou, destroying iy, and then collapsing.

Shulato finally appears, happy that they're alright. He waves at them. A little farther away, out of range of Ryouma spell, one last tank fires its remaining missles. Hyuga and Ryouma are caught in the explosion. Just before they vanish from sight, several small childen appear around them. When the blast clears, Shulato is alone.

Renge and the fake Renge both fall. Both their spells were equally powerful. EXACTLY equal. The clone is exactly like Renge in every way. Neither is stronger than the other, and neither can win this fight.

A light appears from the ceiling. Hyuga and Ryouma have joined Dan and Kuuya on the chamber's ceiling! So the enemy's goal is to trap the Hachibushu in this temple. That means the clone is trying to win at all, but rather to destroy the both of them.

The children keep multiplying around Reiga, but he can't bring himself to attack them.

Back in Tenkuukai, Lakshu senses something wrong. She goes to the Star Mandala chamber and tries to use it to see what is happening in the human world. The room fills with a red glow. Lakshu recognizes it as the Sohma of a Harmony God. There's another Harmony God besides her!

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