Shulato #19

"A Tearful Resolution! Goodbye, Earth!"

synopsis by Arcadia

Shulato sits at his desk, holding his Veda and chanting "Om Shura Sowaka" over and over. The Veda glows, but nothing else happens. He gazes out his window at the tree in his yard, trying to think of what else to do.

Yutaro looks in and sees Shulato looking upset. He assumes Shulato's upset over a girl, and laughs. Yumiko finds him spying and confronts him, but he just mumbles about "Spring Fever" and walks off. Yumiko invites Shulato to go window-shopping with her. At first he doesn't want to go, but he figures there's nothing to be gained by sitting around in his room, so he joins her.

Shulato thought going shopping would take his mind of his problems, but he was wrong. Everywhere he looks, something reminds him of Gai.

As they walk back home, Yumiko tries to get Shulato to tell her why he's acting strange. Unlike Yutaro, she's not convinced it's just about a girl. Shulato thinks of his friends in Tenkuukai, but can't bring himself to tell her.

Back home, Shulato tries unsuccessfully to take a nap. Yutaro and Yumiko watch, worried. Yutaro says it's because he's fallen in love. He knows Spring Fever when he sees it- he's had it many times himself! Yumiko doesn't believe him, so he rattles off a list of all the girls he had a crush on (ending with Yumiko's grandmother). Shulato can't sleep with all the noise outside his door.

Later, they all eat noodles in the back yard. Shulato is surprised by how fresh they taste. Yutaro says that Shulato himself bought them the day before the tournament. Shulato realizes that no time has passed while he was in Tenkuukai. Everything is just as he left it.

In the middle of dinner, Shulato gets up and says he's going to take a walk. Yutaro thinks he's going to see the girl he has a crush on.

Meanwhile in Tenkuukai, Lakshu prays for Shulato to return. But with Vishnu turned to stone, there's no way for him to get back.

Trylo fires a bolt of electricity at them. Reiga manages to grab Lakshu and jump out of the way. Reiga transforms and fires a Karula Hanefubuki. Trylo fires a volley of spikes, but Reiga dodges and it takes out a tree instead.

On the Mahava, Indrah and Akaranarta watch the fight. Indrah says that Trylo seems to be moving slower. Akaranarta explains that she used up alot of energy sending Shulato to the human world, and can't afford to waste any more.

An earthquake shakes the forest, sending a flock of birds fleeing for cover. At the same time, another earthquake hits Tokyo. Tenkuukai's decline is affecting the Earth. Shulato has to get back to Tenkuukai, but how? He tries screaming "Om Shura Sowaka" at the top of his lungs, but nothing happens. As the wind picks up, he hears a woman's voice chanting. Surprised, he realizes it's Vishnu!

After Shulato returns home, Yutaro barges into his room, demanding that he stop sulking over that girl. Shulato doesn't know what he's talking about. Yutaro is mad that he's thinking of nothing but girls. Even when Gai disappeared, he didn't even see it because he was looking at the pretty girl! If he's that hung up on this girl, he should just go to her and tell her how he feels!

Shulato says he might not come back. Yutaro nearly has an aneurysm- he's going to live with the girl? But Shulato's not talking about some girl, he's talking about Gai. He knows where Gai is and wants to go to him. Yutaro says that Shulato has to do what he feels is right, because that's what a man is supposed to do.

Yutaro decides to tell Shulato the secret of their martial arts style. It's 'ki', sort of like a person's energy. 'Ki' flows through everything. If you can channel 'ki', you can do anything. To demonstrate, Yutaro has Shulato attack him. Shulato doesn't even get close- Yutaro pushes him away without even touching him!

Yutaro agrees to let Shulato go, and says he'll explain things to the rest of the family.

Shulato looks out the window, wondering what to do. Again, he hears Vishnu chanting. Then he realizes what Yutaro was talking about- Sohma! To get back to Tenkuukai, using just his own Sohma isn't enough. He'll need to channel Sohma from comewhere else- specifically Vishnu's Sohma.

Yumiko runs in. Shulato tells her goodbye and to take care of their parents and Yutaro, then jumps out the window and runs off.

Shulato runs to the arena where he and Gai fought. That's where everything began. As he thought, some of Vishnu's Sohma is still remaining in the building. He starts to channel it. His Veda starts glowing.

On Tenkuukai, Trylo realizes something is wrong. Her fog disappears.

Shulato keeps chanting. A pillar of gold light rises from the ground. Shulato jumps into it.

Trylo screams as the backlash from the spell falling apart hits her. Shulato bursts out of the giant flower and transforms. He sees Trylo under the flower and fires a Mahaken right at her. The giant flower dissolves into a puddle of acid, leaving a field of wildflowers in its wake.

Indrah and Akaranarta watch. Akaranarta is unimpressed. He promised Indrah he'll bring back Shulato's head.

Lakshu hugs Shulato, overjoyed. Her prayers were answered! Shulato tries to say he didn't do it alone. Lakshu immediately agrees- the power of love brought him back!

Hyuga and Ryouma call out to them. They missed the whole thing! Lakshu starts to tell them what happened, but Shulato stops her.

Their celebration is cut short- a figure jumps out of the lake behind them. The figure is Gai, and his Sohma is back to being black.

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