Shulato #21

"Terror! The Combination Shakti"

synopsis by Arcadia

Shulato, Hyuga, Ryouma and Reiga start the chant for the Beast-king Mandala, as Lakshu begs them to stop. Reiga casts his part of the spell. At first, Akaranarta is confident that he can stop it with no trouble, but one of the feathers scratches his cheek, drawing blood. Ryouma casts his part. Again, Akaranarta shields against it at first, but eventually it breaks through. Hyuga casts his part, and Akaranarta only barely deflects it. He is shocked that they'd have this much power- they weren't nearly this strong 10,000 years ago. Shulato casts his part, and Akaranarta has to use all his energy to fight it off. Finally, they cast the last combined part, which throws Akaranarta against the cliff wall.

Unable to get up, Akaranarta clutches at his chest. Briefly, he flashes back to 10,000 years ago, when the former RyuOh stabbed him in exactly that same spot...

In a rage, Akaranarta levitates a huge boulder and drops it on the four of them. Even after being hit by their Mandala, he still has enough Sohma left to fight. He says that without Vishnu around, there's no one on Tenkuukai who can stand up to him.

Elsewhere, Sallas and Mayuri sense the energy of the fight. Sallas realizes that they're fighting one of the Juuga Sanninshu and runs to help. Mayuri stops her. He tell her to go to Shulato alone. He's going to Tenkuuden to take care of the palace army, so they don't stand in Shulato's way. Sallas tries to stop him. With the Hachibushu gone, they'll have many more guard at the palace than normal, and there's no way he can take all of them on himself. Mayuri insists on going, and reassures her that he won't die so easily. They say goodbye and promise that they'll meet again, but they both know they probably will never see each other again...

Akaranarta strangles Ryouma using telelkinesis. Hyuga tries to stop him. He doesn't succeed in hurting Akaranarta, but he does distract him long enough for Ryouma to get away. Ryouma tries to attack, too, but his Shakti freezes up again. As Akaranarta blows him away, he clutches at his chest again. If not for that wound, Vishnu would never have been able to seal him away. He's been wanting to settle that score with RyuOh for 10,000 years.

Everyone gets up to fight. Akaranarta laughs, saying that they're still doomed, and Tenkuukai will be ruled by the Asura gods' dark Sohma. He throws huge boulders, scattering the group, finally focusing on Shulato. As he moves in for the kill, several monsters attack him from behind. He destroys them, but Sallas appears and summons more.

Akaranarta casts a spell, summoning Kundalini's and Trylo's Shaktis. To everyone's surprise, the three Shaktis merge, creating an entirely new one. To prove his new power, Akaranarta casts a Juuga Rekkoudan, turning everything around him into a barren crater.

Mayuri arrives at Tenkuuden. As Sallas predicted, the gates are heavily guarded. He chants over his bell. As the sound of his bell rings throughout, a thick fog covers the area. The guards try to block out the noise, but they all eventually collapse, asleep.

Sallas and Shulato hide in the bushes. Shulato thanks her for saving him again. Sallas tells him not to worry about, because she's taken a liking to him. Shulato blushes and says he's not into older women. Sallas laughs and explains that she meant she thinks his Sohma can change Tenkuukai. She knows he'll save Vishnu, but she thinks there's something bigger waiting for him, too. That's why she decided to help him. Shulato doesn't know what she meant, since he only remembers meeting her twice, but then he remembers when he first learned the Shura Mahaken. It was Sallas's voice that told him how.

Akaranarta appears. Sallas summons monsters to distract him, and gets Shulato out of the bush. She tells him to go find the others and get to Tenkuuden while she keep Akaranarta busy.

Sallas jumps through the trees, leading Akaranarta away from the others. She uses her Shikigami Tatsumakijin to summon more monsters, and Akaranarta responds with another Juuga Rekkoudan.

As Akaranarta moves in to finish her, Shulato stops him and tries to cast a Mahaken, but Akaranarta intercepts it and casts one of his own. He starts another Juuga Rekkoudan. Sallas yells for Shulato to get away, but he can't move. As Akaranarta casts the spell, Sallas jumps in front of Shulato and takes the blast...

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