Shulato #25

"A Sad Destiny! Shulato vs. Gai"

synopsis by Arcadia

Outside Tenkuuden, the storm grows stronger. Heavy rain floods the land. Lightning begins to strike the palace itself, reducing the statues around it to rubble.

Enraged by Hyuga's death, Shulato faces off against Gai. Gai is pleased. He tells Shulato that he'll have to kill him if he wants Vishnu's curse broken. Indrah made Gai the key to the curse, which is why the spell wasn't broken when Indrah was killed. Shulato is in shock. He tries to reason with Gai, telling him that their Earth will be destroyed along with Tenkuukai, but Gai says that's what he wanted all along.

The palace begins to crumble around them. The pillars fall and crystal stalactites fall from the ceiling.

Shulato finally realizes what he has to do, and stands to fight.

Outside, Lakshu tries to heal Reiga. She begs him to wake up, but he doesn't. Finally, she decides she can't wait any longer and asks Mii to carry her the rest of the way. When they're about to leave, Reiga grabs her foot.

Shulato and Gai charge at each other. Gai cuts Shulato's face and Shulato cuts through the ribbon holding Gai's hair.

Lakshu and Reiga fly toward Tenkuukai on Reiga's Valuda. Reiga is still too wounded to stand, but Lakshu helps him stay on.

Shulato and Gai swing at each other with their weapons, but neither hits their mark. Shulato blocks Gai's sword and knocks it out of his hand. Gai jumps out of the way. As the two warriors stand waiting for the other to move, lightning begins to strike inside the chamber itself.

Gai drops his guard. Shulato thinks he's giving up and drops his. Gai's sword (which Gai was moving telekinetically) cuts through Shulato's hand. With a wounded hand, Shulato can neither hold his weapon nor cast his Mahaken. Gai retrieves his sword.

On earth, a similar storm is raging. People flee from the city by the hundreds an earthquake shakes the ground and lightning strikes level trees.

In their cave, Sati's villagers begin to panic. Sati tries to calm them down, saying she believes the Hachibushu will save Tenkuukai, and therefore they shouldn't give up. She begs them not to lose hope, and to pray for the Hachibushu's success. One by one, the villagers agree and start chanting.

Shulato hears the villagers chanting, and realizes he can't give up. He fires a bolt of Sohma at Gai. It shatters Gai's helmet, but it also reopened Shulato's wound. Gai throws his sword at Shulato, hitting him in the stomach. He creates another sword out of black Sohma and charges again.

As he is about the strike, Reiga rams him with his Valuda, knocking him across the room. Reiga comes around again, but Gai counterattacks with his sword, literally slicing Reiga's Valuda in half.

Gai advances on Shulato again, but Lakshu steps in the way. When she refuses to step aside, Gai attacks her, hitting her in the arm.

The voices of the praying villagers echo through the room. Gai dispels it with a Sohma blast and attacks Lakshu again. Shulato stops him just before his sword touches her head.

Shulato pulls the sword out of his body and challenges Gai. The two run at each other with their swords ready. They meet head on, each one impaled on the other one's sword. They puch away from each other and Shulato fires a Mahaken at close range, blowing Gai into the far wall. Shulato falls the ground. Gai stands laughing, until he disappears in a pillar of light.

All is quiet. The battle is over. Suddenly, Vishnu is covered in a bright flash of light, and when it clears, she is no longer a stone statue. Gold light radiates out from the palace. Everywhere it touches, the evidence of all the destruction is completely erased and Tenkuukai is beautiful again.

On earth, the storm has cleared and the sun has come out. Shulato's family comes out of their house to look at the sun.

Vishnu starts chanting, and eight balls of light fly from her hands. Three go to Shulato, Lakshu and Reiga. The others find the Vedas of the fallen Hachibushu. Shulato, Lakshu and Reiga find their wounds healed. Hyuga and Ryouma appear alive and well in spheres of gold light. On Shitentou, Renge, Kuuya and Dan are brought back to life, too.

However, Gai is nowhere to be found. Shulato asks Vishnu about it, and she says she can't resurrect Gai- Shiva, the Asura gods' Destruction Goddess already has.

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