Shulato #27

"Find the Ultimate Shakti!"

synopsis by Arcadia

Note: This is the first episode that uses the second-season OP, ED and eyecatch sequences.

A giant statue of a seated, Buddha-like figure appears in the ball of light. Its appearance causes huge tornadoes that blow the demons (and almost everything else) away. Vishnu calls to the Hachibushu and tells them to return to Tenkuuden. Dan doesn't want to retreat while the Idoukyuu is still there, but he doesn't want to disobey Vishnu, either.

Vishnu explains that the statue is Shumisen, the legendary floating continent. Shumisen is usually hidden and inaccessible, but the appearance of the Idoukyuu followed by the destruction of Tenkuuju must have made it appear. Vishnu tells the Hachibushu that they must go to Shumisen immediately. Hyuga doesn't understand why they have to leave when Tenkuukai is under attack, but Vishnu tells him there's something they need on Shumisen.

That something is the Shakti that once belonged to the legendary Creation God Brahma. During the war 10,000 years ago, Brahma used the awesome power in that Shakti (with Vishnu's help) to seal the Asura army inside the Idoukyuu. Now the Shakti waits on Shumisen for Brahma's successor. Only Brahma's chosen successor can use it. The Hachibushu want to start looking for the successor immediately, but Vishnu says he's already in Tenkuuden. It's none other than Shulato.

No one can believe it, least of all Shulato. He tries to make light of the situation, joking that if he's a god, then that makes Lakshu a goddess of beauty. However, he's the only one laughing.

Inside the Idouyuu, Gai goes to see Shiva. Shiva tells Gai about Shumisen and sends him to get the Brahma Shakti before Shulato. Bikara calls Antera, Santera, Kubilah and Haira, the rest of the Juuniratei (the rest that we see, anyway), and Shiva puts them under Gai's command.

Vishnu tells Shulato that he's the only one who can use Brahma's Shakti. Shulato still can't quite believe it, but he happily agrees to go find it. Vishnu warns that the Asura army will also be looking for it. If they find it first, Tenkuukai and everyone in it wil be destroyed. Shulato isn't worried, thinking that Vishnu can just resurrect them again if they die. However, she can't. Vishnu's power isn't limitless, and she used almost all of it to resurrect the other dead Hachibushu. She won't be able to revive them if they die again.

Lakshu insists on going with Shulato. Shulato tells her to stay, but Vishnu tells them to take her. She has an important role to play.

Everyone runs to the Mahava to head for Shumisen. Vishnu stops Hyuga after the others leave and warns him to be careful of Gai. Gai must not get to the Brahma Shakti.

The Mahava flies away from Tenkuuden with the Hachibushu and Lakshu aboard. They don't have much time- the gate to Shumisen will disappear when the sun is directly overhead.

Determined to show her power, Shiva sends a wave of black Sohma from the Idoukyuu. The villagers try to run, but it easily overtakes them. Everyone the black wave touches dies almost instantly. Vishnu and eight of her priests chant a counter-spell inside Tenkuuden. They create a bubble of white Sohma around the palace, stopping the black wave.

The Asura army begins attacking the Mahava. Renge, Dan and Kuuya run to fight them. They tell the others to leave the Asura forces to them and hurry to Shumisen. Shulato tries to stop them. He doesn't want any more of his friends to die. Even if they don't care if they die, there are people who will. Renge promises they won't die, and the three of them run off.

In the confusion of the battle, no one notices a single Asura ship flying toward Shumisen...

The Deva army on the Mahava tries to fire back at the Asura soldiers, but there are too many of them. The Hachibushu try to help. They're running out of time- the sun is directly aboe the statue, and the gate has started to disappear! Renge, Kuuya and Dan charge forward, imploring the others to hurry to Shumisen. Realizing they have no choice, Shulato and the others fly to Shumisen on their Valudas. Some Asura soldiers try to follow them, but Renge shoots them out of the sky.

They fly through the gate seconds before it disappears completely. The Mahava crashes into Shumisen and falls to the ground. Renge and others, having escaped on their Valudas, hope they were in time.

Shulato and his friends start climbing toward the top of Shumisen. Elsewhere, Gai and the four Juuniratei also start climbing.

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