Shulato #28

"Dark Destiny! Gai Returns"

synopsis by Arcadia

Shulato, Hyuga, Ryouma, Reiga and Lakshu make their way to the top of Shumisen. Shulato is having the time of his life, riding his valuda rollercoaster-style along the twisting, looping roads. After all, they ARE in a hurry, right? All the more reason to go fast! However, the others don't share his enthusiasm. Unless they can get the Brahma shakti, Tenkuukai is doomed. As Brahma's successor, only Shulato can wear it. If he gets himself killed, what will happen to Tenkuukai?

Suddenly, the road under Shulato's valuda begins to crumble. Shulato tries to go faster, but he can't go fast enough to avoid it, and falls. Fortunately, a giant leaf breaks his fall and all he ends up with is a bruised hinder.

Hyuga gets mad, saying that Shulato should start acting more responsibly. After all, if he dies, Vishnu can't revive him this time. Shulato tried to blow him off, but Reiga backs Hyuga up. Shulato's had enough of the whole successer thing, and explodes. "Brahma, brassiere, WHATEVER!" It's like everyone's started treating him differently now that they now, and he can't stand it. He's still the same person, right?

Meanwhile, in Tenkuuden, Renge, Dan and Kuuya watch the fireworks and Shiva's and Vishnu's sohma clash. More Asura soldiers appear, and Renge and Dan want to go fight. But Kuuya holds them back. He sensed some black sohma going to Shumisen at the same time as Shulato, and it was very strong.

Shulato and the others continue up the mountain. This time, Shulato can hardly keep up with the others. It's like something is taking power away from his valuda, and he can't make it go fast enough. Ryouma thinks it must be because they're getting so high up. Lakshu makes the mistake of looking down and screams. They're higher up than she thought!

Suddenly, a wave of black energy explodes from somewhere in the forest nearby. It disintigrates the road, and they fall to the ground. Fortunately, their valudas catch them before anyone gets hurt. But what was that explosion?

A strange gust of wind makes Shulato look at the cliff above them. A group of (very strange-looking) Asura gods look down on them. They are a bald, red-skinned giant; two extremely skinny, blue-skinned twins; and a creepy little guy with purple skin and curly red hair. To everyone's shock, Gai is standing with them.

Gai taunts Shulato, asking how it felt to kill him, his former friend. Shulato can't answer. Hyuga yells that Gai has no right to call himself Shulato's friend. Shulato reluctantly agrees. The Gai that was his friend is gone. The Gai he sees now is only YashaOh Gai of the Asura gods.

The larger of the strange Asura gods urges Gai to leave the fighting to them and hurry to the summit of Shumisen. Shulato and the others are shocked- that means Gai is after the Brahma shakti, too!

Gai says that Shulato is unfit to wear the Brahma shakti, but he himself can wear it. Shulato doesn't believe him. After all, Shulato is Brahma's successor, and only Brahma's successor can wear it. Gai laughs. They were BOTH reincarnated in Earth. Hadn't Shulato thought about why they both were reincarnated, instead of just him? Gai can wear the Brahma shakti, because he is Brahma's successor, too!

The strange group finally introduce themselves. They are members of the Juuniratei, just like Indrah. The big one is Chitei Haira. The two twins are Nitei Antera and Gettei Santera. The creepy little one is Katei Kubilah.

The battle is on! Ryouma fights Haira, Reiga fights Santera, Hyuga fights Antera, Shulato fights Kubilah and Lakshu plays cheerleader. The Asura gods don't bother to use their Shaktis, and Shulato thinks they'll be easy to beat because of it.

Antera (balancing on just his *thumb*) tries to goad Shulato's group into using their Shaktis. Reiga is getting suspicious- they keep trying to get them to use their Shaktis, but none of them will use theirs. What's going on?

Gai watches the battle, smiling. Things are going just as he planned.

Outside Tenkuuden, Dan and Kuuya fight off the Asura army. The destroy the invaders without much trouble. Above them, Shumisen is quickly disappearing. Dan wonders how Shulato's group is doing, angry that he can't help. Kuuya says that they are helping- they must defend Tenkuuden until Shulato returns. Then Dan notices that Renge hasn't returned...

Renge fights off another wave of Asura invaders. She fights valiantly, but is eventually surrounded. Akaranarta stands on a cliff above, watching. Shiva has resurrected him to destroy all Deva gods, and he will let nothing stand in his way, not even the Hachibushu!

Inside Tenkuuden, Vishnu communicates telepathically with Shiva. Vishnu says that the fighting must stop. Shiva laughs, saying that fighting is what the Asura live for. But the war will indeed stop soon- once Gai returns with the Brahma shakti.

The fight continues. Kubilah decides to reveal his real power, and fires a sohma bolt at Shulato. It misses, but it literally melts the rock behind him. Haira drives his mace into the ground, creating a shockwave that rips the ground apart. Antera and Santera split the clif face in two. Now that they've revealed what they're capable of, Shulato thinks the only way to beat them is if they use their Shaktis. Hyuga and Ryouma agree quickly, but Reiga isn't so sure.

The four of the transform. As soon as they do, another wave of black energy hits them. Shulato thinks the Juuniratei did it, but they couldn't have- they're still not wearing their Shaktis. Shulato sees this as their chance to beat them.

Shulato, Hyuga and Ryouma immediately start chanting spells. Reiga realizes what's going on and tries to stop them, but too late. The spells have no effect, and their Shakti's revert to their veda form.

Shulato demands to know what Gai did, but Gai hadn't done anything. No one can use sohma in Shumisen. It detects any use of sohma and seals the person's Shakti. The effect will wear off eventually- assuming they live that long.

Gai tells Haira to finish things, and he and the other Asura gods disappear. Haira gladly accepts the task and calls his Shakti.

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