Shulato #32

"The Brahma Shakti is Discovered!"

synopsis by Arcadia

The top of Shumisen is cold and windy, and covered with snow. Gai trudges through the snow, apparently unfazed by the extreme weather. Lightning flashese in the sky, and the sound of the thunder sets off an avalanche, burying Gai. However, Gai uses his Sohma to melt away the snow and emerges unscathed. The Brahma Shakti WILL be his, and if Shumisen doesn't like it, too bad.

Shulato and Lakshu flee on Shulato's valuda. Kubilah chases after them, calling out to them like a child playing tag. They're amazed that he can run fast enough to keep up with their valuda even without a Shakti. Kubilah fires a fire bolt at them. They dodge and the bolt disintigrates a boulder. Kubilah leaps through the rubble and runs after them, cackling (CREEEEEEEEEEEPY).

Shulato lands his valuda on top of a cliff, thinking there's no way Kubilah can follow them. But Kubilah was faster than he thought- he's already there, standing behind them. It looks like Shulato will have to get rid of Kubilah before he can continue after Gai. He tells Lakshu to go on ahead and calls his Shakti.

The temple at the top of Shumisen is a lake inside a giant cave. Several small islands float over the lake, connected by narrow, arched stone bridges. At the center of the floating islands is a large ball of gold light. This is where the Brahma Shakti is kept.

Gai enters the ball and see the Shakti sitting on a pedestal nearby. The Brahma Shakti is his! He's beaten Shulato! Gai tries to take the Shakti, but some force pushes him away. The Shakti rejected him! But why? Isn't he Brahma's successor?

Outside, Akaranarta smashes his way into Tenkuuden, vaporizing the guards who try to stop him.

Shulato tries to attack Kubilah, but nothing works. Kubilah, still cackling like a maniac, casts a Katei Senryudan, which knocks Shulato down. Kubilah taunts him, saying he has no chance of winning without his friends to come save him. Shulato loses his temper and charges again, but Kubilah easily fends him off.

Gai summons the spirits hovering around the temple and demands to know why the Shakti rejected him. At first, they try to drive him away, but Gai won't budge. The ghosts leave, but not before Gai has his answer. There's one more thing he needs before he can get the Shakti- Lakshu!

Kubilah knocks Shulato to the ground again, and wonders why he hasn't used his Mahaken spell. He figures it's because he knows it won't work, and will leave his all but helpless. The thought of it sends Kubilah into another cackling fit. Shulato's had enough of Kubilah's taunts and decides to try to cast his spell anyway. He casts a Shura Mahaken, at the same time as Kubilah casts a Katei Magenen. Shulato's spell passes through Kubilah's, and apparently misses. However, Shulato had also thrown his weapon at the same time. Kubliah was too busy dodging the Mahaken to notice it, and ends up getting impaled by it. Before he dies, Kubilah (STILL CACKLING) tells Shulato that he's already lost anyway. While he was wasting time fighting Kubilah, Gai was on his way to the Brahma Shakti, and probably has it by now.

Shulato arrives at the temple and approached the golden ball in the center. Neither Lakshu nor Gai are anywhere to be found. Suddenly, he hears Lakshu scream from inside the ball. He runs inside, and sees Lakshu and Mii suspended in the air above him. He runs to help, but Gai suddenly appears behind him and stabs him with his sword.

But Gai isn't out to kill him this time. Yet. Gai lets Lakshu and Mii down, and demands that she use her Sohma to reactivate the Brahma Shakti, or he'll kill Shulato. That was the important mission that Vishnu has mentioned- only Lakshu's Sohma can reactivate the Shakti. Shulato begs her not to. If Gai gets the Shakti, Tenkuukai is finished. But with her beloved about the be killed, Lakshu isn't thinking about Tenkuukai. She agrees to do it.

Meanwhile, Hyuga, Ryouma and Reiga fly through the temple on their valudas. They hear Lakshu screaming and follow the sound.

Lakshu sends her Sohma into the Brahma Shakti, and it starts to glow. Gai abandons Shulato and runs to it. When the light clears, they see Gai wearing the Brahma Shakti.

Bikara senses Gai's success and tells Shiva. Soon Tenkuukai will be hers...

Akaranarta continues to smash his way through Tenkuuden. Kuuya, Dan and Renge try to stop him...

Gai raises his sword and prepares to strike the final blow. Shulato tells him that even if he dies, he still hasn't one. The rest of the Hachibushu are still there, and will continue to fight him. Gai isn't impressed. Shulato abandoned them to be killed. What can they do to help now?

Plenty, as it turns out. Hyuga, Ryouma and Reiga suddenly run into the temple.

Gai ignores them. He calmly snaps his fingers, and the entire temple begins to crumble. Soon Shumisen itself starts crumbling as well.

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