KarulaOh Reiga

Voice:Inoue Kazuhiko

Age: 18
Birthdate: March 21
Birthplace: Daro village
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 147 lbs.
Blood type: O

Title: KarulaOh
Shakti: Phoenix
Weapon: Two rings
Transformation chant: "Om Karula Sowaka"

Likes: Make-up, anything beautiful
Dislikes: Anything ugly or dirty

Reiga is the brains of the group. He is an excellent strategist and knows the most techniques of all the Hachibushu (He has four. Everyone else has two at the most). He came to Tenkuujo at the age of 9 and was chosen as KarulaOh at the age of 13. Reiga is good-natured and always acts laid-back. Underneath, however, he is very intense and serious. He always uses a feminine speech-pattern and likes to wear make-up. Japanese articles about the show call him an "okama", which could mean either transvestite or homosexual. They never say outright which (if either) Reiga is, though. He likes to call Shulato "Shulato-chan", which annoys him to no end. He is also a good friend of Kuuya, whom he admires greatly.

Reiga's techniques:

He can also use the Beast-king Mandala with Shulato, Ryouma and Hyuga. Reiga's rings are more of a focus for his Sohma than a physical weapon. His feathers can be used to spy on people. He's rarely seen without one. His Phoenix Shakti is the only one that can fly in its armor form.

Reiga has no family that I know of.

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